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Bodycare & Wellness for Women

Treat yourself to a blissful massage, personalized yoga and wellness at the Willow Grove B & B Inn, and Studio ’46 in the heart of Horsefly.


Services offered in a friendly, welcoming environment of self care and support! 

  • Relaxation, deep tissue, or Thai massage / bodywork, Reiki, 

  • Therapeutic and Hatha flow Yoga (private and small group) 

  • ELDOA postural exercises for the spine

Specializing in long massages and offering appointments of 1-3 hours in length.


For sessions of 1.5 hours or longer, luxuriate in a full body treatment as well as attention to those spots that need a little extra!  

Please contact Tammy for details about current Therapeutic and Hatha flow Yoga & ELDOA. 


By appointment, for women; payment is cash only please. 

I look forward to sharing your health and wellness journey!

Tammy Keetch 

Certified Masseuse

Yoga Teacher (350 hrs)

ELDOA Level 1 &2 practitioner 

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